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Mary listens intently and asks all the necessary questions in a way that promotes an atmosphere of "we're all in this together," rather than "here's an expert telling us what to do and how to do it." Mary's expertise allows her to hone in on the crux of the issue at hand; yet she does so without ever overriding or disregarding others' thoughts and opinions. Those who brought her to the table leave it feeling that their end product still belongs to them.
— Beverly Craig, Coordinator
     Allen County Family Violence Prevention Project

Mary has worked with YSPP in several different ways and all have been terrific experiences.  She facilitated a board retreat that resulted in considerably more cohesion and clarity about strategic direction for the staff and board members.  She has also worked with YSPP and Washington Cease Fire on a challenging project to develop a public education campaign to reduce access to firearms as a way of reducing youth suicides.  Mary is not afraid of the hard issues; she willingly and thoughtfully “rolls up her sleeves” and goes to work.  I really enjoy working with her.
— Sue Eastgard, Director
     Youth Suicide Prevention Program

One of the things I value about working with Mary is her willingness to experiment and her flexibility.  It can’t be easy to maintain comparable data from year to year in an organization that grows and changes as much as ours, but Mary finds a way.  She has worked with us tirelessly to develop new assessment tools, and she is as adept developing long-term evaluation strategies as she is helping us wordsmith a single survey question to make sure it reaches its intended audience.   When we are working on a project, she becomes part of our team and she is truly interested and invested in the outcome for our organization.   She is a pleasure to work with.
— Leslie Collins, Deputy Director
     Arts Corps




Mary understands small non-profit organizations and delivers great value within their limitations of time, budget and staff bandwidth. Mary is fun to work with and reliable as rain. I highly recommend her to anyone needing rigorous, reasonably priced evaluation design and reporting."

Michael Harris, Executive Director
The Power of Hope